Feeding your houseplants - what, where, when and why? 

Feeding your houseplants - what, where, when and why? 

Feeding houseplants is a commonly misunderstood and overcomplicated task for both the budding and new plant parent … but it doesn’t need to be.

It can be really simplified by following a few simple rules and we wanted to answer those common what, where, when and why questions you may have! 

Plants are living things, just like you and I. Like us, they need food and drink to thrive and reach their full potential. Plants are clever and create a lot of food matter themselves through photosynthesis. In other words they convert the light they receive into energy to help them grow. 

In their native tropical environments, plants have access to all sorts of high quality nutrients in the soil, which is constantly changing due to factors such as animal and insect droppings. Now unless you have a growing insect infestation in your home, then this results in your plants needing that little bit more. 


WHAT exactly is houseplant food? 

Houseplant food is an organic liquid fertilizer that's made up of all sorts of weird and wonderful substances, the key three in baby bio houseplant feed are… 

  • Nitrogen for healthy, bright green leaves
  • Phosphorus for strong roots
  • Potassium for better blooms and fruits

WHERE should I put the houseplant feed? 

The charm of the plant feed that we offer is its simplicity to use. Now listen in, you will need to dilute approximately 5-10 drops of the feed into every half a litre (one pint) of water, then water your plants as normal - it’s honestly as simple as that! 

WHEN do I feed my plants? 

Each plant on our site has slightly different needs but generally we advise that you feed and water your plants when the top 2 inches of soil are dry (check in every 1-2 weeks). You will only need to feed your plants during the spring and summer months from March until September. Throughout the winter months, we suggest reducing your watering schedule.

WHY do the plants need feed? 

We like to compare plant feeding to the health balanced diet we all long to follow for a healthy life. What we mean by this is without plant food, your green friends will still survive, just not in the vibrant and healthy way that they have the potential to. 

Hopefully this brief plant blog has helped remove the unknown when it comes to feeding your indoor plants. As always, our in-house plant experts are on hand 24/7 via live chat or email info@reggys.co.uk

Happy houseplant feeding!

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