How do I look after my plant? 

When looking after your houseplants, it’s important you enjoy them and don’t see them as a chore. Each of our plants on the shop list their three important care instructions - light, water and feed. 

We offer on-demand plant advise. If you have question or concern about how to care for your plant reach out to info@reggys.co.uk and one of the team will be happy to help. 

How do I look after plants when I go on holiday? 

If you’re heading off on your holiday don’t worry. For just a week's holiday, give your plant a good water before you go away. If you’re heading away for longer than a week, then we would suggest asking a mate, family member or neighbour to keep a careful eye on your plant. 

How large will my plants grow? 

This completely depends on the plant in question. The listed size on plant descriptions are an approximate measurement of the average size we stock of the plant. Some will be a little larger and some will be smaller but all will grow with good care. Measurements are taken including the pot. 

What pot does my plant come in? 

All plants will come in a standard nursery pot which we receive the plant in from our supplier. We advise you to keep your plant in these nursery pots but to make the plant more decorative by browsing through our decorative pot covers.

How much is delivery? 

We offer free delivery to all orders over £40 For orders under £40 we apply a flat rate of £4.99 for shipping.