Care guide for all plants

No matter the plant, the size or the owner… all houseplants have similar needs and we've summarised these needs into our top 5 tips. Please note for specific care information on your plant we highlight this on the right hand side of the plants page!  

1. Watering

No need to schedule this in your diary or set a reminder. Water your houseplants on an as and when needed basis. If the top of the soil feels dry… give your green friend a drink.

WARNING: overwatering does more damage (better to stick on the dry side)


2. Repotting

The secrets are in the roots. If the roots are circling the pot, it’s time to give your plant a new home. It doesn’t always need to be new though, you can give the roots a trim and the plant will be as good as new. 


3. Wash and Dry 

It may sound off but giving your houseplant a regular clean or gentle shower can keep them fresh. The trick to doing this is all in the leaves, smooth leaves can take a gentle wipe with a damp cloth, whereas hairy leaves a delicate brush.

TIP: Check out our high quality misters to help in this area. 


4. Trimming and Chopping

Or as the experts say, ‘pruning’. This is more for aesthetics, no one wants an unmanaged houseplant attacking the room. Usually, after the summer months, trimming your plants back a few inches helps them rejuvenate and stay healthy.

TIP: removing any dead or diseased leaves can help stop the spread.


5. Eye contact 

Death and disease brings us nicely onto number 5. Keep one eye on your houseplants, look out for diseased leaves or stems as they can spread and cause the plant to die. Insects can often speed this up, so keep them to a minimum… we’ve got a couple of sprays that can help.


Most of all, enjoy them.

Caring for your plant should be a joy, not a chore, following some basic tips can keep your greenscape looking vibrant. 

That said, if you want some specialist care advice, our team of plant experts would be happy to help through our live chat or email.