Our sustainable promise

Sustainability… a keyword that all companies like to use but here at Reggy’s we’ve built it into our DNA. With only one-third of UK plastic packaging being recycled, we wanted to take every step necessary to ensure a 100% sustainable packing process.

1. Cardboard

To ensure your plant arrives safe and sound we’ve designed a process whereby we combine the use 100% recycled double-walled cardboard boxes with sheets of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard to create a robust transferable package. 


2. Tape

To fix each plant in place and ensure that your package is sturdy we also use solvent-free, eco-friendly parcel tape. 


3. Pot process

It’s no secret when posting plants it's important to make sure the soil is secure. No one wants to open a package with an empty pot and loose soil. That’s why we use 100% recycled plant carriers to keep everything secure. 

We also work closely with a local business to reuse their waste bubble wrap to protect each pot cover in transit. 

4. Paperless 

We like to stick to a paperless process. No one needs unwanted care guides, lengthy promotional content or any other pointless paperwork. That’s why the only thing we include is our Reggy’s with thanks card. Simply scan the QR code for our 5 top tips to keep those plants as healthy as possible.