How do I fix browning spider plant tips?

How do I fix browning spider plant tips?

The spider plant is one of the most widely popular plants out there and one of our best sellers. Which is really no surprise given their well documented low maintenance and easy-care nature. However, that doesn’t stop the almost unavoidable topic of the dreaded ‘brown tips’.

It’s probably worth me saying at this point that if reading isn’t for you, then be sure to checkout my recent TikTok on the topic—watch here.

If reading is for you, then let me explain. Browning spider plant tips is almost always down to water. Either too little, too much, or too chlorinated. 


Different areas of the UK have different fluoride levels in their water. Fluoride is essentially added to water to stop tooth decay, but it can also stop plant happiness. 

Essentially, the best thing to do is fill your watering can in the evening and leave it overnight. This can help relieve some of the chlorine and fluoride, allowing for the perfect water to give your spider plant the next day.  

If you try this over the coming watering cycles, you’ll no doubt see those tips come back to life.

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