Introducing houseplants for health 

Introducing houseplants for health 

Summer is fast approaching and so is that little voice in our heads to get out on that run, in the gym or be more active. We have to agree, feeling fit and healthy for the summer months is a great feeling, but what if we told you a few simple home improvements could help? 

We can be as active as we like but there is no hiding from the fact that air pollution in the UK is the largest environmental risk to public health. In 2019 the UK became the first major economy to pass a net-zero emissions law requiring it to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. 

BUT why not accelerate this in your home. According to new research led by the University of Birmingham, ordinary potted house plants can make a significant contribution to reducing air pollution in your homes and offices. 

Some experiments showed that some plants could reduce Nitrogen Dioxide by as much as 20%. So, look no further for the best houseplants for purifying your homes air…


This easy-growing english ivy has the botanical name Hedera Helix. This potted plant is well known for its ability to reduce toxic air in the home. Best of all they can thrive in humid environments, making them a perfect bathroom houseplant.


The mother-in-law’s tongue, sansevieria or more commonly known snake plant is what we like to call our hardest to kill houseplant. Not only is this plant extremely easy-care, it also releases clean oxygen into the air, making it the perfect bedroom plant for the best night's sleep. We have a number of popular snake plant options…


Will the always popular spider plant ever go out of fashion? We don’t think so, especially as it has the ability to remove toxins such as carbon monoxide and xylene in your home. This plant not only has the ability to go into pretty much every room of your home but is also pet-friendly.  

One plant not another, check out our easy-care plant bundle.


Where to start with the easy-care rubber plant. The botanical name for this plant is Ficus Elastica and it’s made some real noise in the houseplant for health range. A recent study from the team at NASA actually states this as being one of the best plants on the planet for purifying the air. We have a couple of great options... 


The Dracaena family, one of the Reggy’s teams personal favourite family of plants. There are around 120 species of this plant including trees and succulent shrubs. Not only are they fantastic for purifying the air but they’re amazing space fillers for any home. We have a host of varieties…

Our plant experts are on hand 24/7 to help answer any questions or provide plant advice. Just reach out via our live chat and one of the team will be happy to help!

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