Pet Friendly Houseplants To Bring Life Into Your Home 

Pet Friendly Houseplants To Bring Life Into Your Home 

So you’re a current pet parent, looking to become a budding plant parent? OR you're a plant parent, looking to become a loving pet parent?

Let's chat plants and pets that work in harmony... 

It’s no secret that some indoor plants are toxic to cats & dogs when they’re consumed. Even the most well behaved pets may sometimes take a little bite or be intrigued. How could we ever blame them? After all house plants are there to gain attention and make the space more attractive. 

So, if you’re looking to add some plants to your home to purify the air, improve your mood and keep your furry friends safe, here are our TOP 5 taken from our Pet-Friendly Plant list. 

1. Heart Fern 

The Hemionitis Arifolia or more commonly know Heart Fern is a small, springy stemmed indoor plant. It resembles the ever popular Chinese Money Plant but hosts slightly larger heart shaped foliage. The plant thrives in moist and shady areas, making it a perfect choice for the Bathroom too! 

2. Blue Star Fern

The Phlebodium Aureum or more commonly known Blue Star Fern is a stunning large fern that sports a green-blue colour. As the image suggests, this plant can be extremely fast growing and provide the perfect foliage for any empty shelf or table in the home. 


3. Areca Palm 

Dypsis Lutescens which is often known as the Areca Palm, is our most popular large plant as it provides a tropical feel to any home. Happy to be placed on the floor or perhaps from a plant stand, this plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs. Read all the 5 star reviews from our customers on this plant. 

4. Rattlesnake Plant 

We offer this plant in two separate size variants as they are a stunning colourful indoor plant. They have upright strong leaves with wavy edges that provide an undeniable texture to any household backdrop and interior. Fun fact is that they actually close in the evening whilst the room is dark and open back up again in the morning!


5. Purple Passion

Last but certainly not least is the Purple Passion plant which gets its name due to its velvety leaves that host thick purple hairs on their green leaves. This plant screams colour and is perfect to place on your desk to brighten up your work environment.

And that’s a wrap. You mustn’t feel that you have to decide between Pethood or Planthood. Both can work in perfect harmony when selecting the right pet-friendly indoor plants.

As always, if you have questions about a particular plant or require some advice, reach out to the team on our live chat or email
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