Signs Your Plants Need Some TLC - Houseplant Care Tips

Signs Your Plants Need Some TLC - Houseplant Care Tips

Houseplant care more often than not seems like an unknown science. Whether you feel you give them all the care they need or not enough, it can feel they are always unhealthy.

One thing to remember is house plants are living specimen, meaning they constantly change, whether that's new growth, new colour or new shape. In order to keep your indoor green scape thriving, you need to pick up on these signs and know what to do to fix them…

Houseplant Care Tips 

Problem: Wilted Leaves

Let’s kick the ball rolling with one of the most common problems, the wilted leaf. This can come in different respects, the leaves are possibly drooping or you’re seeing them take on a yellow tint.

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First things first you MUST check the soil. Place your finger 2-3 centimetres into the soil. If it’s dry, you’re onto a winner and you just need to give your houseplant a drink. If it’s wet, you may be suffering with a case of root rot.

Problem: Root Rot

This brings us nicely onto houseplant care tip number two, root rot. This is an anaerobic condition, whereby the plant has been overwatered. This continual moisture has led the roots to rot

Root rot for house plants


Remove the plant from its pot and take a good look at the roots. Healthy roots are a white or lightish brown colour. If this is not the case and they’re darker in colour or damp, this is the sign of rot.

Trim the affected areas and further prune the plant to keep it nice and balanced, then repot and continue growing. Give this repotted fresh trimmed plant a water and leave it a while for the soil to dry out again.

Problem: Too Much Root

Keeping on the topic of roots and when they may need another haircut is when you notice them at the surface of your pot or growing from the drainage holes.



This means the plant simply needs a new home. You need to repot your plant in a larger pot that will allow for these roots to grow in a more spacious environment. Like above, take the plant out of the original pot, place it into its new home and re-soil.

Problem: Dropping Leaves

Plants are like people… and don’t they show it. Like self care, think houseplant care. If your plant has been moved to a new environment or feeling a little stressed, you may experience some leaves dropping off. The common causes of this can be cold air or overwatering.

Dropping leaves plant care

As we move through the winter months light can also become your plants worst enemy and low light conditions can impact leaf health.


Consider what has changed, if you have moved the plant's environment. Check the air, heat and light conditions. Move your plants to a less high risk area, with a little more light and less draft. More often than not a plant settles in its new conditions but it’s important to avoid elements where you can.


This is just a few of many houseplant care tips we wanted to share with you. If you have noticed something else or would like some more tailored advice on your houseplants, then reach out to the Reggy’s team on our live chat or email

We are happy and here to help 🪴 Check out our simple '5 Step Plant Care Guide'.

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