The Best Gift Idea For Plant Lovers - The Waxed Christmas Amaryllis - Everything You Need to Know

The Best Gift Idea For Plant Lovers - The Waxed Christmas Amaryllis - Everything You Need to Know

The countdown for Christmas is well and truly underway, the ADs are ready to hit our screens and Mr Bublé is warming up to take over the radio. BUT they're not the only thing that’s making a return this festive season. 

The waxed Christmas Amaryllis went down a storm last year and we’ve brought them BACK. After getting the opportunity to visit our Amaryllis grower in Holland, we were able to get first hand insight into the love, sweat and tears that goes into every bulb. With the total life cycle from initial planting to being ready to sell taking 2+ years these small bulbs are really quite special. 

So what exactly are they? 

You’ll no doubt have seen, bought or even owned a classic Amaryllis bulb, which is potted in soil and needs watering like any other plant. Well the waxed Amaryllis bulb is just the same but the bulb itself is coated in the stunning different styles of wax. This wax captures just the right amount of moisture and light inside to ensure the flower is still able to bloom.

When will my bulb bloom? 

The general rule of thumb is your waxed bulb will bloom within 4 to 6 weeks and will continue to bloom for the following 3 weeks. On average each bulb will produce 1-2 flower stalks with up to 4 flowers per one. 

How do I care for my bulb? 

This is the best part, you quite literally need ZERO water and ZERO soil and your bulb will still bloom. For this reason we like to consider these little bundles of flower, the BEST gift idea for plant lovers.

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