The Top 3 (Almost) Unkillable Houseplants For Every Home

The Top 3 (Almost) Unkillable Houseplants For Every Home

We’ve all been there at some point… over-watered, under-watered, wrongly placed or forgotten about our indoor plants. HOWEVER, we’re strong believers in not letting guilt eat us alive but instead give plant parenting another go.

That’s why we’ve carefully created a list of easy-care houseplants that we like to class as almost unkillable. Whether you’re new to plant parenting or don’t trust yourself from past experience, then this list of houseplants are the hard wearing tough plants you need in your home. 


Snake Plant | or Sansevieria

Now, we class this plant as the hardest plant on the shop. The snake plant can with stand minimal water and light. Funnily enough, the quickest way to kill a snake plant is by overwatering it. We give the general guideline of watering every two weeks but generally only give this plant water when the top two inches of soil are completely dry.

Cast Iron | Aspidistra Elatior

Clue is in the name but this indoor plant really is tough, just like real cast iron. Some like to say that the Cast Iron Plant actually thrives on neglect, meaning the less care, equals the best care. Like it's good friend, the snake plant, we suggest only watering this one when the soil is almost dry. One tip is to try keep the plant out of direct sunlight but apart from that let it do its thing.

ZZ Plant | Zamioculas

The ZZ plant is a real shade thriver. Don’t get us wrong, it loves and will grow best in medium to bright light conditions but it's a houseplant that can particularly tolerant areas of your home that almost get no light. Like our other almost unkillable plants, this one only needs a drink when the soil is really dry and you can even reduce watering over the winter months. 


Now it goes without saying these plants will need a level of care but we’ve categorized them as our top three easy-care houseplants. If you have any questions regarding these three or any of the other indoor plants on our site, reach out to one of the Reggy’s team through live chat or contact us via email. 

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