When Should You Water Plants?

When Should You Water Plants?

Houseplants have a wealth of benefits from purifying the air in your home, improving your mood and brightening up your space. But, to access these benefits it’s important to know how to care for your plants, more important when you should water your houseplants!

People mistake plant watering to be this unknown science. More often than not stopping some from buying or keeping indoor plants in their home. BUT let’s simplify things. 

How to water plants
Generally, houseplants’ should be kept moist, but NEVER wet. In the spring and summer months they need watering more regularly, around once to twice a week. In the autumn and winter months, this can be reduced considerably. 

How to know when to water

One great way to understand when your plant needs a drink is by placing your finger 2-3 inches into the soil. If the top of the soil feels dry… give your houseplant a drink.

WARNING: overwatering does more damage (so better to stick on the dry side)

Now it’s no secret that every houseplant needs slightly different levels of care. So if you have a particular question, reach out to our customer service team through the live chat or email, someone will be happy to help.
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