30-day plant guarantee

It's our mission to provide you with the highest quality plants on the market and therefore it's important you feel qualified to care for them. We offer on-demand care advise via email (contact us) and list easily digestible care instructions on each plant product page.

Our 30-day plant guarantee has been created to ensure happiness with every order and peace of mind when ordering online. Below is explains how you can access the 30-day guarantee and the full T&C's for returns, refunds and replacements

Included in Guarantee
All plants purchased from our site are covered in this guarantee.

  • In the extremely rare case that plants arrive damaged or in poor condition.
  • Plants that develop issues despite carefully followed care instructions before and during the 30 day period.

Excluded from Guarantee

None of our elho pot covers, pot pals or other additional add-ons are included in this 30-day guarantee.

  • Clear ignorance to the specific plants care needs and guidelines, including overwatering, under-watering, improper light and incorrect humidity.
  • Damage or appearance of pests/disease that weren't present at the time of delivery - all plants go through quality control before being sent to their new home.
  • We cannot take responsibility for lost/damaged orders that have been delivered to you. Royal Mail drivers will take photographic evidence or a signature for any orders left at a requested safe place.

Making a Claim
If you believe your plant falls within the 'included in guarantee' section then please make a claim following this 4 step process.

  1. Notify the team: You must notify us of any plant issues within the 30-day period. To save time please reach out to the team via info@reggys.co.uk. Make sure to included a detailed description and any relevant photos. 
  2. Correspond with the team: It's likely you will be asked a number of relevant care questions. This isn't a test but rather to help us understand the issue at hand and if it is resolvable. 
  3. Leave it with the team: Using all the information and photos that you provide, our in-house plant experts will begin a review process. This may take 1-2 business days and may involve further questions on their part.
  4. We're happy when you are: Once the review has taken place a decision will be made and shared with you regarding a refund, replacement or discount.
Please note: In a case where it's decided that improper care caused the issue at hand, our on-demand plant expert will offer advice on correcting the issue instead of a replacement or refund.

Please remember...

It's in everyones best interests that the 30-day plant guarantee is not needed, therefore please remember to...

  • Check your plants product page for the highlighted care instructions 
  • Drop us an email if you have any specific care questions, needs or worries before letting the plant do its thing!

Final note 

  • This guarantee is limited to a one-time replacement or refund 
  • Replacements are subject to availability. To keep quality high, we often operate with relatively low stock numbers. Therefore if the plant is not available, we will offer a similar valued plant or a refund.




If you have any questions about this policy or need further help in the care of your plants then please reach out to the team - info@reggys.co.uk.