The Reggy’s Box

With the 'Reggy's Box' service you no longer need to worry about which plant to buy or where to start. Whether you're buying for yourself or a gift for someone we offer two easy options. 

1. Houseplant Mystery Box

Make a one time purchase and we'll do the rest. We will send you one of our stunning indoor houseplants that is already on the website with a perfectly fitted 100% recycled plastic plant pot

2. Houseplant Subscription Box

This is a monthly subscription, sign ups will receive a Reggy's indoor Houseplant every single month, yes you heard that right... A HOUSEPLANTS EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Each plant will be delivered in a perfectly fitting 100% recycled plastic plant pot. This option will include houseplants already on the site and some months will include rare subscription only houseplants, not available to other customers.