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Codiaeum Mammi

Croton Mammi | 18cm

Croton Mammi | 18cm

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All plants are provided in their nursery pots. Decorative pots are available on our site as an extra purchase if required. THE PLANT PHOTOGRAPHED IS NOT THE PLANT YOU WILL RECEIVE, RATHER A VISUAL EXAMPLE.

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We fulfil all orders via Royal Mails express 24-hour shipping service. All orders are processed by us within 2-3 business days.

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This Croton Mammi is a colourful evergreen shrub with leathery multi-coloured leaves. Their long foliage have curled ridged edges. They bring a really colourful feel to most rooms of the home, they are especially great for the bedroom.

Find Croton Mammi care guide information below and if you have any questions contact us today.


This plant likes bright but indirect light and must be kept out of a draft.


This plant requires only a light watering on a regular basis.


Once per month from March-September with a liquid houseplant food.

General Care

Check out the plant care page.

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