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Snake Plant

Snake Plant

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All plants are provided in their nursery pots. Decorative pots are available on our site as an extra purchase if required. THE PLANT PHOTOGRAPHED IS NOT THE PLANT YOU WILL RECEIVE, RATHER A VISUAL EXAMPLE.

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The Sanseveria or commonly known Snake Plant, is an evergreen perennial that can grow to extreme heights. They have sword-like leaves that are stiff, broad and upright. The texture and colour of the leaves gives off the impression of a snake. We like to class this as the lowest maintenance plant we sell as its an extremely easy-care plant.

Find Sanseveria Snake Plant care guide information below and if you have any questions contact us today.


Unlike many others the more sunlight the better, but anything can generally be fine.


This plant can be watered every two weeks, or when the top two inches of soil feels dry.


Once per month from March-September with a liquid houseplant food.

General Care

Check out the plant care page.

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Customer Reviews

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Nicola Taylor
Mother-in laws tongue ❤️

This plant reminds me of my Nan that’s why I got it! Both plant and pot were really well packaged! The plant is absolutely perfect and the pot is lovely. I have placed it in my bedroom as you recommended 👍🏻👍🏻

Awesome service and products

I ordered 2 houseplants and 2 pots. The website was very easy to use, the plants were delivered very quickly and all the plants had been very well looked after and packaged. They look healthy and great!