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Ceopegia Woodii

String of Hearts

String of Hearts

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The Ceropegia Woodii or commonly known String of Hearts plant is a trailing indoor plant that features heart-shaped green and grey foliage on string like stems. They are a succulent plant and are native to South-Africa and Zimbabwe. They are one of few plants that's able to thrive in pretty much every room of the home, we particularly like to think of it as a kitchen houseplant
Find Ceropegia Woodii (String of hearts) care guide information below and if you have any questions contact us today.


Prefers bright indirect light. String of hearts will not survive in low light, and direct sun will scorch the leaves.


They prefer periods of drought between waterings. When the soil is dry 2/3 of the way down in the pot, then the plant is ready for a drink.


Once per month from March-September with a liquid houseplant food.

General Care

Check out the plant care page.

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